Atten…. Hut! Why You Should Search For a Service Member on

In honor of Veteran’s Day yesterday, we thought we’d take a look at the members that have or are currently serving in the military or other forms of public service. Currently, of the entire community, these careers make up almost 3% of females profiles and 6% of male profiles. Though they might seem like a small part of our community, they’re definitely a vibrant bunch.

When we studied our service members, we found the old adage “women love a man in uniform” holds true on Service men receive more emails and winks than the average Match male profile. It also appears that anyone reaching out to a service man is in luck because overall, they’re almost 30% more likely to respond to an email than the average Match user.

If you’re interested in reaching out to a service member, here is a snapshot of who they generally are:

  • They’re active. Military members are 37% more interested in playing sports and 68% more likely to exercise 5+ times a week than the average member.
  • They love the outdoors. They’re 27% more interested in hunting and fishing and 16.4% more interested in camping than the average member.
  • They’re adventurous. They’re 11% more interested exploring the world than the average member.
  • They’re soft at heart. They’re 8% more likely to want to help others with their philanthropy, and 17% more likely to like dogs than the average member.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, give a service member a wink. Given that we have so many success stories of military couples, you never know- you might be the next success story like Chris and Nicky. Read their story below.

My heart just melted and all I could say was “gee!”

On October 2001, I was an Air Force Officer teaching ROTC at the University of Missouri. I was divorced in my mid-30s and I had decided the college bar scene was not the way to meet a woman. So I signed up for but I was too scared to put my picture and bio out there for fear that some of my college students might run across them. At that time it wasn’t yet as socially acceptable to meet someone online as it is now.

In the past I had tried some other dating sites without photos, but I was highly disappointed as the women constantly misrepresented themselves. So that brought me to and a resolve to read profiles with photos… which brings me to Nicky. She was beautiful at first sight and after reading her profile I knew I had to write to her. Little did I know, she was getting hundreds of emails at the time… did I mention she is very beautiful?

My ego was crushed when I didn’t hear from her at first. But for some reason a few weeks later I was driving home and I wondered whatever happened to the beautiful girl from Chicago I had emailed, and for some reason I remembered in her profile she mentioned that she had a bulldog. But, being a proud male, I resolved I wouldn’t email her again. I parked my truck and was getting out when my neighbor’s dog—a bulldog!—ran over to greet me and knocked me right off my feet. As I petted the dog and picked myself off the driveway, I took that as a sign to email her one more time and relate this bulldog incident to her.

This decision led to emails back and forth every night, which, in a couple of weeks, led to phone calls every day. In December we decided to meet. I drove up to her house in Chicago and I remember nervously knocking on the door wondering how I would escape this visit if things didn’t work out. Well, the door opened and all I could say was, “gee!”—she was even more wonderful in person! Then, when she said hi, my heart just melted and I said “gee” again! I still call her “Gigi” to this day!

We spent the next couple of months road tripping and getting to know one another, and by February we were engaged. On June 8, 2002, we were married. Now, over four years later, Nicky has been a successful chef and is enjoying being a mommy to our 3-year-old daughter Aleksia.

For those who said we wouldn’t last, we laugh because our marriage has even endured the hardship of separation as I was sent off to war, away from my wife and daughter for eight months. But, if anything, our relationship flourished; writing and emailing and an occasional phone call from Iraq actually reminded us of how we met on Thanks to Nicky’s love and support I made it home safe and sound in March 2006, and all my troops who I was in charge of came back alive as well.

So I’d just like to say thanks to for bringing my soul mate to me back in 2001. Nicky and I watch those ads for that other dating service, where the couples talk about how they met, and we laugh and think their stories aren’t nearly as amazing as ours!