Featured Success Couple: Noelle and Domenick

Poking around on Match.com as a first-time visitor out of curiosity, I immediately saw a picture of Domenick…a handsome guy, with thumbs-up, and personality oozing thru the pixels onto my laptop screen. I thought he was cute, but since I was not looking for a date, and I was just being nosey (you caught me!), I browsed page after page, seeing pictures of people I grew up with, guys I see at the gym, and some I even dated at one time or another.

But before I closed the site, I went back to that picture of DC9773. His picture was just so interesting to me…and I did it! I clicked on the link, and I read a bio that stole my heart right away. Not knowing what to do, I clicked on a link to contact him–and I sent him an embarrassingly long email about myself. I was not a member of Match.com, so I was not sure if he would get it, but later that day, he wrote me back. His response? Why no bio? Uh oh…I had not thought of that. I explained my nosiness, and he still thought I was a mail-order bride, so I took the leap and posted a bio on Match.com. So, after a handful of emails that day, and a phone call that night, we determined that we not only lived down the block from one another, but that we shared several friends. So, we set up a date for the very next day at a local coffee house. To this day, having coffee together is still our favorite thing to do…first thing on a Saturday morning, after a night out at a bar, or in bed watching a movie. And even though we could have run into each other at our local dry cleaner or grocery store, we did not. We met right here on Match.com, and it is something that we are both thankful for every day.

What made you try online dating?

Domenick was doing it, so I was left without a choice if I wanted to go out with him 🙂

How did you and your significant other find each other on Match?

I did a search for locals in my area.

Who reached out to who?

Me, me, me!

What was your first date?

We went to a local coffee shop in our small downtown where we both live.

Who paid on your first date?

I’m sure it was a minor argument since we both like to spoil other people, but I’m going to bet that he won and paid for us both!