Featured Success Couple of the Week: Jamie and Donnie

I joined Match on January 7, 2009 (my 25th birthday) in an effort to put myself out there and meet people. In other words, learn how to date; I hated dating. Donnie winked at me a week or two later and the emails started pouring in!

He became more and more interesting as he was a dental student (I have three dentists in my family, including my dad), he is the III (so is my dad), and his father is a dentist (our families had a lot in common). As it turns out, I had to cancel on him twice because of snowstorms (typical Cleveland) and a bad allergic reaction to almonds (after eating them for the past 25 years). By the third rescheduled date, I knew that if I canceled again (for any reason), he would call it quits on me. So, despite ANOTHER snowstorm that day, we both drove an hour and a half in the inclement weather to a sushi restaurant. When I walked in, he was standing there and I immediately thought, okay, either he’s ‘not that into me’ or he’s incredibly shy. Either way, I decided I was going to enjoy his company and some good sushi! Unfortunately, we were seated at the sushi bar where the chef proceeded to try and carry on a conversation with me the entire date! I felt so bad for Donnie. I could tell he was getting a little irritated and realized, maybe he did like me. When we were finished, we split the bill. The chef charged us $80 dollars for his own creation of rolls and I felt bad. He proceeded to walk me to my car where he decided it was a good idea to continue talking to me in the freezing cold (haha). I was thinking, where was this the entire date?! The second we drove out of the parking lot, he sent me a text message and I knew he was totally into me! We were inseparable from then on and took our profiles off of Match.

Donnie was a scheduled to graduate in May of 2010 however, it didn’t take him long to start talking to me about our future (April of 2010). We knew then that this was it! His family is from Richmond, VA, where they own a family dental practice so it only made sense that we move to the Richmond area after his graduation. I gave up my job at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and started getting ready for our new life together. Then, on April 17, 2009, he popped the question at my favorite overlook on Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh, in front of both sets of parents and my best friends. He surprised me again right after the proposal with a carriage ride through downtown Pittsburgh, and then again at a nightclub with many of my friends from Cleveland and his friends from Richmond! It was absolutely perfect! We have the whole thing (start to finish) on tape as my best friend’s husband took footage of the entire day and night. We are currently living in Richmond and planning our wedding. I am so thankful for Match and cannot wait to begin another new chapter of my life with Donnie.

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