Is Your Fashion Making the Right Statement?

Calling all Fashionistas! This week, will be hosting a booth at the highly coveted Fashion’s Night Out in New York City. This global celebration of all things stylish invites people to support the fashion industry by stopping by shops that stay open late. Among others, will have our own “pop-up” shop in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal in New York City!

What does have to do with fashion, you may ask? We believe and fashion go hand in hand. You know the drill- You look for that outfit that is going to convey the right message that says that you put forth the effort and realize you are on date, so let’s see where things go. Then when you finally meet, you no doubt size up the others’ outfit as well!

After polling some of our Match members, we’ve collected stats on the preferred attire for both men and women on a first date. We found women try on 2-3 outfits before a date, so ladies, we’re here to help you narrow down a bit based on what the Match men told us. Men answered what they love to see:

70% of Men prefer their dates to don an outfit that is simple and understated but sexy

57% agreed women should slip on some jeans and a nice top as their perfect date outfit

92% of Men said they’d like their date to wear understated, simple makeup

Even more interesting may be what fashions men find the most irritating:

14% said leave the Huge Handbag hanging at home!

19% agreed Leopard print is best to be worn only by jungle cats

39% said to stick with the temporaries when it comes to Tattoos

As for the gents out there, we also asked our female users how they’d love their match to dress for a first date. Here’s how the ladies answered:

48% of women would love to see their date show up in khakis and a button-down

49% of women would like to see a man in dress shoes

44% love a man dressed in blue over any other color

As for what fashions our ladies find most irritating:

9% say no thank you to a Popped collar

20% confirmed Ultra-Skinny jeans are ultra un-cool

18% vetoed muscle tees on the first date. Or ever, for that matter.

Given these findings, our Style Squad will be standing by at Fashion Central this week to help all singles get first date ready complete with fashion, beauty and profile advice. And once your Match makeover is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to take a new photo for your profile. Prepare for the winks headed your way!

If you can’t make it to visit Match this week, you can still be in a New York state of mind by entering our Dress to Impress Fashion sweepstakes! You could win roundtrip airfare and hotel for two in NY, along with $2500 cash to spend frivolously and let your inner shopzilla shine. But that’s not all! We’re also giving away a 6-month membership to where you’ll have no trouble finding a hot date with your fabulous new look.

The complete schedule of events at the First Date Headquarters at Fashion Central, September 8-10th:

Make sure you keep tuned in to our Twitter account: @Match and Facebook page: for more first-date fashion tips from Fashion Night Out, and don’t forget to visit Dress to Impress and enter to win your shopping spree today!

We’ll see you all in the Big Apple!

  • Shannon

    So what your saying is guys want women showing up looking simple yet sexy ready to hang out and women want guys showing up all straight laced looking ready to work? We have to keep all this in mind while trying not to pretend we’re something we aren’t. By the way I dig a chick with tattoos as long as the tattoos are original and truly reflect her life.

  • I am strongly agree with this statement. ‘9% say no thank you to a Popped collar’. And also, man look definitely great in white, black or blue. They always keep me stunned.

  • fashcraze

    This is pretty interesting.You really made me consider a lot.I’ll be checking this out.I’d like to read and learn more about this.Thanks for sharing!