Whitney Casey’s Tips: Three Things Women Want in a Profile

By now, you’ve watched how to just start the conversation, write a profile to best attract a man, and how to introduce your new date to your friends – now to the other side and letting the guys know what WE want in an online profile.

Be real, have a good picture that’s not a self-portrait, and most important, let your personality shine through in pictures and words!

Three Things Women Want

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  • Larry Campbell

    I don’t think women know what they want. They certainly know what they don;t want. Women are still living in a fantasy world. Their expectations, even after divorce and aging haven’t changed one bit in my opinion and I am just as much an expert on relationships as any professional blogger on this website. and i say you are all wrong. The stuff you write is all hype and aimed at generating traffic. It doesn;t focus on what women really think and how they respond to the e-mails they receive. If you were in my shoes and had received the negative reponses or lack of response from the dozens os e-mail I have sent out, you would certainly agree with me that the women on Match.com are a stuck up bunch, rude and some are down right ugly in their responses. I had one woman write me and say she was laughing at what she called my ignorance and thanked me for providing her entertainment for the evening. Well, I have bad news for all these divorced women out there. Disrespecting a honest man will get you nowhere. By your responses you are saying, I’m a real bitch, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I can’t wait to get my teeth into you and exploit you poor suckers(men) for all you are worth. Don’t bother e-mailing me unless you are Mr. Perfect while all the time thet haven’t taken a good look in the mirror lately to see what they themselves have become. We older men are not interested in some proma donna who still thinks she is hot stuff and the men should count it a privilege if she even bothers to take notice of you old over the hill men who have none of what i am looking for. Do they think they will be able to attract some younger man who has never been married. Maybe for a one night stand but that is as far as it will go.

  • Jim

    Larry hit the nail on the head. 99% of the women on Match.com want two things and aren’t willing to compromise: a guy with Brad Pitt looks who makes a ton of money. I’ve been on Match on and off for a while and I always see the same women on there month after month, year after year. I’ve talked to a number of other men who are on the site and most agree that they are lucky to get as much as one response back out of every 20.