Love, Style in People Magazine and on CBS

Once in a while, we will be highlighting the success stories that are featured on television or in magazines. They are part of the mystique, representing the breadth and depth of our daters – ranging in age, location, sexual orientation and more.

Part of that is in this week’s People magazine with profiles of two couples who “clicked” online to find love.

Sarah Ashley Costner first tried out because her father found such great success on the site and got married. After trying out, she’s now moving in with her girlfriend she found on the site. Since she and her father had such great success, they are both trying to get her brother on

The other love story shows that sometimes you have to let technology take over … as Lori Tartaglia ended up with Jeffrey LaGrotta, someone both her mother and grandmother had already tried to set her up with. It took to find the perfect coupling, and the wedding is planned for October.

Also recently, 25 couples showed off their love on CBS’s The Early Show:

Love and romance were on the air, showcasing the many couples that have met online at, and The Early Show weatherman, Dave Price, notes in the video that “1 in 6 marriages are now met through online dating, and 25 percent of people who are in a relationship are in an online relationship– one that was born from online, Internet dating.”

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