Online Dating and the Single Dad: We Like Those Odds!

This Sunday is Father’s Day, a day to celebrate Dad and everything he means to us. It is a day to think about all the things Dad has given us over the years, from teaching us to ride a bicycle, how to barbeque, and tips on relationships and dating.  Sunday as a father means looking back and celebrating (and being celebrated by) your children.

For many Dads, they are beginning to get back into the dating scene, and many are coming to to find love again. Within that group, we conducted a survey and data study that produced some interesting information. The one conclusion that stands out the most – and a nice Father’s Day gift from – is that women respond to single Dads at a higher rate than they respond to other men. Yes, as a single Dad you have a better chance of finding a new match on than a single man without kids.

From our recent survey and our own data, we found that in the community:

  • 39% of male subscribers on are single Dads.
  • Single Dads of all ages are more likely to meet someone on versus men without children. On average as a group, they are 46% more likely to meet someone, and the advantage is higher for older Dads.
  • Single Dads are morning users – logging on over a cup of coffee between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM more often than the average male user.
  • Single Dads are 56.2% more likely than men without children to email single moms.
  • 68% of single Dads wait at least 3 months before introducing someone they met on Match to their kids; and 26% will wait 6 months or more.

The ages of our single Dads are across the board and are naturally greater in number within the traditional age range where kids may still be living at home. Interestingly, our research also shows that having kids living at home has a slight positive effect on a single Dad’s chance of success on!

For Father’s Day – if you are a single Dad, a child of a single Dad, or a woman looking to meet someone – nothing is a greater gift than meeting someone new who can become that someone special, or helping your Dad find that someone new.

For more advice on the single Dad and dating, check out these articles from the’s Happen Magazine:

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  • Shel

    I’m gaga about my single dad friends because they’ve got their stuff straight and they resent me for this, but I am always trying to set them up on dates (actually, they hate me ALOT lol). I did sign up a friend of mine for 8at8 dinner club. He’s only been to one event, but he said it’s good that they actually consider if each person has/wants children. It’s good to know people are beginning to realize that there’s a great niche in the market for single dads and and have clearly caught up on it! Hooray!

  • Single dads also have much less free time than the no-kids, and what free time we do have is usually at odd hours, so online dating really is the best way to go for us single dads!

  • This is so great and interesting. With details and data, it’s informative.

  • Good information. I used to spend alot of my time wakeboarding and being involved in games. It was quite possible the most special period of my childhood and your post kind of brought back me of that period of my life. Thanks

  • Timothy jones

    i wish i have someone to date and get along with now…..

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