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I am Mandy Ginsberg, general manager of and in North America. Over the coming weeks and months I will give you a glimpse into life at Match and share with you all of the great stories, advice, trends and relationship “ups and downs” from our customers. My favorite part of the job here is engaging with our customers, especially hearing from our success couples and we have more relationships and marriages than any other site out there!

My mailbox at Match is filled with dozens of wedding invitations from Match success couples who want their “matchmaker” to attend their weddings. They write to us about their first e-mails, their first dates and their engagements. They tell us that they never would have crossed paths if it weren’t for Match. And we have been receiving these stories over the fifteen years we have been in business. It is amazing to think that the kids from our first couples are about to get their drivers licenses!

We receive stories about Match couples every day; a few stand out that I wanted to share:

The Most Heart-Warming Story (literally)

On December 14, Becca joined at 5 p.m., ran her first search, and emailed Scott at 6:20 p.m.

The next day on December 15, Scott and Becca emailed back and forth throughout the day. After finding out that they had so much in common, Scott ended up inviting Becca to a close friend’s Christmas party later that evening. A few hours later, the two were engrossed in conversation at the party for nearly three hours. After discovering that they had even more in common, Scott asked Becca on another date the following day.

Over the next few days, Scott and Becca went on many dates. They went to the zoo, enjoyed a picnic on the beach, and spent their fifth date during a 3-day, 2-night vacation on a neighboring island, Kona.

From December 22 to 24, the two spent their mini-vacation snorkeling, learning about each other, exchanging gifts (Becca unfortunately has insomnia, so Scott gave her the Dr. Seuss Sleeping Book).

By the end of the weekend getaway date, Scott learned that Becca would be traveling to San Francisco in early January. After persistent questioning, Becca informed Scott that she was actually traveling to San Francisco to have open-heart surgery on January 15 at Stanford. Scott asked Becca if he could come with her, and Becca said yes.

Scott accompanied Becca, and the two have been dating through it all. “Even when we were in the ER, which unfortunately we’ve done twice already, I knew that I was lucky and blessed to have this amazing man with me through it all,” Becca said.

Since their wedding in April of 2009, Becca and Scott have enjoyed traveling the world together, going to concerts and opening a small business.

Our Wisest Success Couple

Being seniors ourselves, we understand the frustration some “oldsters” go through, wanting to safely connect with an individual, yet having no way to do so.

Ruth and Leonard met on in March of 2007 and exchanged quite a few emails for a few months. Too many seniors our age are living in a lonely atmosphere, afraid to take a chance on the Internet because of all the horror stories circulating about meeting in this manner. Neither Leonard nor I had any doubts or fears once we had met each other, said Ruth.

“In June 2007, we had our first face-to-face meeting with a dinner date at my home in the mountains, some 47 miles from Leonard’s home. A close friendship formed immediately, but it soon became a deeper relationship when both of us realized that we loved and needed each other. In September, Leonard proposed and I quickly said a profound “Yes!”

Our marriage was in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, on October 20, 2007. We are now residing here at Leonard’s home but we are keeping my home in the mountains for a “hideaway.”

We think our love for each other has grown even stronger since our wedding, and we are enjoying each other more than words can describe. Who says old people can’t love? Not us! If we could be privileged to assist just one other lonely couple to follow the path we did, this interview would be worth everything entailed on our part. Words cannot adequately express the happiness and contentment we have found in each other!

Match Royalty from the Days of Yore (1996)!

In 1996 Bill Clinton was President, gas was $1.22 a gallon, the Spice Girls were topping the charts, and Robin from Texas joined

I was sick of the old ways of meeting people.Bars just didn’t work.  Church didn’t work.

On her profile, Robin clearly stated she was looking for a nice guy who was a computer geek, and no couch-potatoes. Shortly after she subscribed to, Robin saw David’s profile.

He had specified that he was a “nice guy” and “computer geek.” I limited my miles to travel to 30, and David lived 29 miles away. It was fate!

With the help of online dating, fate had intervened. While dating over the next year, David and Robin came to the conclusion that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Robin said, “We were married on November 27, 1997 at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas and we were dressed in king and queen costumes. It really has been a fairy tale.  We have two great boys (ages 11 & 9) and a great life together. We just celebrated our 12th anniversary.  We’re looking forward to celebrating all our future anniversaries.”

I hope these stories inspire you the way they inspire me and the team here.


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