Announces Partnership with Yahoo!

Exciting news.  Today we announced that will become the exclusive online dating site on Yahoo!.  After a transition period in which current Yahoo! Personals users will have the opportunity to transfer their memberships to Match, Match will fully replace the Yahoo! Personals experience on Yahoo!.

Yahoo! has strategic reasons for doing this quite separate and distinct from the online dating business, I’m sure, but the move underscores a basic truth about online dating: size matters.

In order to provide a great online dating experience, you need two fundamental elements.  First, you need a large, thriving community of single people who are really committed to meeting someone great.  The larger the community the more choices you have, and therefore the greater the likelihood that there is someone in the community with whom you’ll really hit it off.

However, since no one wants to read a million profiles, size is meaningless unless you have the right features and functions to help each person identify a small subsection of the larger community that has the potential to really spark romantic interest.  So the second essential element is a sophisticated website oriented entirely around maximizing a person’s dating success.

A large, vibrant community and a sophisticated, dating –oriented user experience are both required.  With only one, but not the other, of these elements, the experience will be subpar.

Even before today, I believed was the clear leader in both of these areas.    Now, we’re taking what has traditionally been one of the largest and most significant sites in the space and adding their community to ours, thus improving the dating experience for both our existing users and our new users coming over from Yahoo!, who I heartily welcome to the Match world.

Talk to you soon.

Click here to read the press release.

  • Congratulations on your new acquisition. I look forward to hearing more about your new branded site with Yahoo.

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  • With Yahoo! Personals being replaced by Match, will original Yahoo! customers be expected to pay membership fees – or will they be offered the same price they have been paying at Yahoo? If they are offered the same price they are paying at Yahoo, how long will they be guaranteed that price?

    • Match Customer Care

      They get their pick. Yahoo! Personals members are able to keep their Y! rate forever unless they resign their subscription. If offers a better rate, they always have the option of buying a new subscription to take effect at the end of the current term. Like any member, if they leave the site for a while, then come back, they’ll be given the current rates.